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Smart Window Cleaning Robot with New Artificial Intelligence AI Smart System for Interior Exterior Windows Walls Doors Desks - White

This  window cleaner robot keep itself attached to the window at all times with the vacuum pump, which enables and allows it to wash a lot of the flat surfaces. The only condition: Surface must be at least 3 mm thick. This means that the cleaning robot can be used to wash a lot of different surfaces like glass, shower cabins, walls and mirrors. Robotic window cleaner may also be used on horizontal surfaces as well! 

Laser based navigation technology calculates the optimal path to clean each surface. Same system helps smart remote robot detect and avoid obstacles on it's paths. The window cleaner also detects the edges of frameless windows and won’t cross them. This means it can easily be used to wash frameless windows and mirrors as well!

The UPS system that is built inside of the vacuum, helps the robot mop to stick to the window even in case of power cut. You can also control the robot around on the surface of the window using an app or remote control.

The pads are machine washable – you don’t have to throw the pads away after a single use. Make sure to dry the pads first, as wet cleaning pad is not suggested to be used,because it may get your robot mop stuck when cleaning dirty glass surface.

Smallest area you can clean with smart robot is 45 x 45 cm. Included the power cord and safety rope, which are 5 meters long, but it can be extended even longer to clean larger surfaces!This Wexbi W189 window cleaning robot is one of the quietest robots out there! This robot is an easy solution for your professional window washing!


Brand Name  MDHL
Voltage (V)  100-240v
Power (W)  65W
Function  Wet And Dry
Installation  Robot
Timing Reservation  No.
LCD  No.
Size (mm)   24 * 24 * 10CM
Model number  X6
Dust Storage Type  mop
Type  window cleaning robot