About Us

With the expansion of the market opportunities after 2010, the requirement for prestigious Swiss branded watches have increased in proportion to standard of living of the middle and elite economic class. With the trust and confidence that the market has placed on Wimaladharma & Sons there is demand for more Swiss prestigious branded watches from our venture. 


Wimaladharma & Sons as aforesaid is one of the oldest and most reliable watch shops in Sri Lanka, which has been dealing with the most reliable Japanese brands like Seiko, Citizen and Casio in the early stages. Thereafter, Wimaladharma & Sons started evolving to the new era of watch industry along with the infra structure development of the country during the postcivil war period of Sri Lanka. 

Wimaladharma & sons started expanding the retail brands from 10 brands to 35 watch brands which is the highest by any retailer in Sri Lanka and thus, Wimaladharma & Sons moved its focus to Swiss and designer brands and has earned a name as Sri Lanka’s one stop watch station with the largest watch experience center in the heart of Colombo. 

As per the latest initiative Wimaladharma & Sons is moving towards the addition of Luxury Swiss brands to their portfolio and is making plans to have a dedicated section for Luxury Swiss watches

  • Founder - Late Mr.Sirisena Wimaladharma 

One of the biggest strengths of Wimaladharma & Sons is the after-sales service that is provided. Experienced watch technicians specializing in the repair of Swiss watch machinery provide a highly satisfactory experience to the customers. Sri Lankan patrons exhibit nostalgia with regard to brand names and therefore wish to prolong the use of watches beyond the warranty period. The assurance of available after-sales services and repair facilities is therefore a key attractive feature with regard to any Swiss branded watch. 
The sales team at Wimaladharma & Sons are highly trained through periodical training programmes organized. These programmes are especially initiated when a new brand is introduced to Wimaladharma & Sons. 

The Management and also partners act closely with the sales team in order to access the end customer requirement and to take proactive decisions with regard to necessary development.
Past milestones
  • 1939 – Inception of the business by late Sirisena Wimaladharma.
  • 1952 – Starting the manufacture of watches and clocks along with radios.
  • 1979 – Opening of the outlet at Colombo 10. 
  • 1996 – Opening of new outlet at Kadawatha.
  • 1999 – Opening of new outlet at Kiribathgoda.
  • 2001 – Reaching up to 50 trusted dealers island wide.
  • 2003 – Moving on to Swiss and designer brands from Japanese brands such as Seiko and Casio.
  • 2010 – Re-modelling of Wimaladharma & Sons logo and marketing paraphernalia.
  • 2014 – Opening of new outlet at Liberty Plaza – Colombo 03.
  • 2017 – Opening of new outlet in Pelawatta – with the concept, “All brands under one roof”
  • 2018 – Opening of new outlet in Colombo 5 with the concept, “All brands under one roof” 
  • 2019 – Opening of new outlet in One Galleface – Shangri-La Mall
  • 2020 - Roamer of Switzerland a pioneer Swiss brand coming on board with the leaders in watches in Sri Lanka Wimaladharma & Sons Pvt Ltd.
  • 2020 -  To counter the Global pandemic Wimaladharma & Sons develop the existing official website & shopping cart in to the largest exclusive online store for watches in Sri Lanka with 24 hours customer assistance and exact date delivery with over 30 International brands setting standards  for every watch store in the island to follow.
  • 2020 - Swatch group of Switzerland - Leaders and giant in the world of watches partner with Wimaladharma & Sons Sri Lanka in promoting high end brands RADO, LONGINES & TISSOT.
  • 2021 -  Beginning of "Treasure" Latest venture of Wimaladharma & Sons in an effort in providing affordable Luxury Jewellery to Sri Lankan market.
  • 2022 - Citizen - One of the worlds most renowned Watch brands appoints Wimaladharma & Sons as they Offical retailer and Service Center.
  • 2022 - Wimaladharma & Sons - Kandy. Wimaladharma & Sons Opens its latest showroom in Kandy with of 25 International Watch brands.